Our New Hyaluronic Acid Serum is finally here.  This is our third newly released product boasting a high concentration of Sodium hyaluronate.

Hydration is key both internally and externally for a healthy body and radiant skin. This Serum is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid of both high and low molecular weights drawing moisture to the surface of the skin as well as deeper into the cells.                                                                     

This intense boost of hydration smoothes wrinkles, supports firmer skin and visibly improves signs of aging. It is used in products where a more instant hydration and plumping effect is desired as well as intensive long term results.

Immersed in a base of Aloe Vera Gel and with the addition of Jasmine infused in Sandalwood it is truly an anti-aging and uplifting product.

DESIGNED FOR: All Skin Types, including Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin and Mature skin with fine lines or deep wrinkles.

BENEFITS: Hydrating, Firming, Plumping and Enhancing Retexturing of Uneven Skin.

HOW TO USE: Apply a few squirts to fingertips and massage gently over cleansed skin, including the delicate skin under the eyes. It dries relatively fast, follow with your Moisturizing and Eye Creams.


NOTE: Applying this serum while cold improve results, so refrigerating is recommended.  Refrigerating also improves it's shelf-life.

This Serum's cap will change as we're testing the best method of delivery. Currently the cap is a treatment cap. 

• 100% Organic or Wildcrafted
• Vegan
• GMO Free
• No artificial fragrances or dyes
• Cruelty Free. NEVER tested on animals 
• Certified as a clean and safe line of products by CertClean

Hyaluronkc Acid Serum - Collagen & Moisture Boost