Tips On Using Your Jade Roller

Jade Rolling has become increasingly popular over the last few years and I was curious to find out if it actually worked and what the hype was all about. So after a bit of research, I purchased my first Jade Roller and honestly, now I'm hooked for life!

The jade roller has a Jade Stone on both sides that you literally roll all over your face. Jade is primarily considered an ornamental gemstone and is said that to have healing powers. The jade roller has been around since the 17th century and was originally used by Chinese royalty and high society members for smoother, younger looking skin.

Jade is cool to the skin, even when it’s at room temperature. However, you can also store it in your refrigerator or freezer prior to use for an extra soothing benefit.

So what are the benefits of Jade Rolling?

~ Increased lymphatic flow and help with detoxification and drainage.

~ Reduce dark under eye circles.

~ Eliminate toxins.

~ Tighten and reduces pore size.

~ Stimulates acupuncture and reflex points on the body to assist with healing.

~ Reduced inflammation following dermabrasion.

~ Improve blood circulation and skin tone.

~ Improve elasticity of the skin.

~ Reduce puffiness and wrinkles.

Read below to find out the 5 Simple Steps to Jade Rolling provided by:

#1 - Cleanse your face thoroughly.

#2 - Exfoliate.

#3 - Apply a serum, moisturizer, or a moisture mask.

#4 - Start rolling! Either start at the chest or the forehead, using outward and upward motions doing about three up-and-out passes per area. After just a few strokes on your face, neck and decolletage, you’ll see that your skin is brighter and your fine lines are, literally, rolled out.

Keep at it for about two minutes.

#5 - Wipe your face clean. Then add serum or moisturizer. If you started with serum or moisturizer, the product has been pushed deeply into your skin during jade rolling. Give it another slather. And you’re done! There’s no harm in rolling every day, but it’s most commonly done three or four times a week.

That's It! Super easy to use and the benefits will have you living in smoother and younger looking skin in no time - Take it from this thirty-something year old trying to age as gracefully as possible .... I absolutely love it!

Want to purchase a Jade Roller? Use code: JADE10 for 10% off your first roller at Aubergine.

Much love,

xo~ Krystin

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